For the past 9 months, I have been working with Shazi from MAC Services Group to resolve a legal matter. Throughout the entire process, she was extremely professional and knowledgeable. She informed me of what my options were and what was in my best interest to resolve the matter quickly. She is truly amazing. I would recommend her 100%.

Kenia S.,

I went in for a consultation with Shazi. She seems very knowledgeable and seems genuinely concerned. I'm still shopping around, but Shazi made a great first impression. If I go with her I will definitely update my review.

Edit: So I ended up hiring Shazi because I was impressed with her responsiveness and empathy. She was very helpful in walking me through the divorce process, and she is also great about responding to messages in a timely fashion.

Luis R.,

Shazi from MAC Services Group served as a mediator for my divorce and was kind, patient, professional and informative. She answered any question I had while maintaining her professional, unbiased, non-advising role as mediator. We worked together for several months and I appreciate all the help she provided during this emotional process.

Keely J.,

Shazi is a really great person to work with. Great attitude and extremely well prepared.

Parking can be a bit frustrating so I'm going to let you know what I did. The MAC Services Group building is on the corner of Bixel and 7th with parking. The building parking will run you $10/hr, so only use it if you are going in for consulting or something quick. There's also street parking on Bixel street. I parked at Joe's parking lot on Bixel and Ingraham for $10 flat the entire day. Good if you are going in for a full mediation. Hope this helps everyone!

Anthony N.,

The 1st test of a good attorney is responsiveness. Shazi has always been that and more. Professional, communicative and easy to work with. She clearly explained the process, timing and any intangibles that may arise. She made the entire undertaking flow as smoothly as possible and provided clear and consise instruction as to procedure and expectations. I highly recommend her services.

Ron G.,

Shazi worked on my divorce case and she has saved my life. Thank you so much!!

Mo A.,

Very quick response time which was needed in my situation. I appreciated the time that was spent helping me figure out what was the best path for me. So far this has been a smooth experience. I'll update my review in a few months when everything is done!

Maryam R.,

Thank you for helping us to settle the case. Your patience and perseverance were instrumental in getting the case resolved. I was also pleased with your interaction with my client. You made him feel part of the process, and important. Again, thank you.

Steve S.,

Attorney Rastegar is held in high esteem by her colleagues and her clients…She always delivers excellent legal advice.

Peggy R.,

Your help, listening, and feedback were invaluable! Talking with you was deeply helpful in easing my mind, sharpening my attention on the important tasks, and helping me see a path to resolution. All invaluable stuff… Thank you.

David B.,

Shazi devised creative and cohesive solutions to resolve everyone’s problem. I would use her service even if she billed out ten times greater.

Sean P.,

I enjoyed having mediation sessions with Shazi. Shazi’s mediation style is calm and reassuring as she skillfully rose to the challenge of mediating a complex disagreement between me and the person I was in conflict with. With fairness and objectivity, Shazi helped us more clearly understand each other’s stance and where we could compromise. I would highly recommend Shazi as a mediator.

Tavonna M.,

A hard working, dedicated, and zealous advocate.

Eric T.,

Shazi has a non-judgmental and friendly personality and encourages each side to listen to the other, she also gently moved each side towards closure, which they knew they wanted even though each side had to give in a little.

Robert C. ,

They are very helpful in explaining the divorce process and will walk you through all the different options available to obtain a divorce.

Audrey G.,

I only have good things to say about Shazi. She’s warm, compassionate, considerate, and tactically smart in legal endeavors. I respect her and her work.

Sara G.,

Thoughtful, professional, and friendly – thank you!

Sun C,

Shazi was a neutral, thoughtful listener that gave everyone the appropriate amount of respect and attention they deserved…she was strong in controlling the flow of the mediation in a positive, useful and informative direction while minimizing airing unnecessarily emotional and unproductive baggage.

Sean P.,

Great attorney with insight and experience.


My first 5 star review and it belongs to Shazi. I couldn't be happier with our entire process and outcome. Now, I rarely write a serious review...for anything. But sometimes life throws you a serious matter and you have to find someone who will take it seriously for you (and tell you to stop breaking out into nervous laughter.) Finding Shazi and MAC Services was one of my luckiest finds in L.A. Her professionalism, honesty, and clear communication (not to mention hand-holding. Metaphorically, of course. Again, she's professional) was a breath of fresh air in a smog-filled city (literally and metaphorically.) Thank you again, Shazi. I have sung your praises to many!!

Josephine J.,