If you are in a position to need this service, don't hesitate to go with MAC Services Group and work with Shazi. I was absolutely dreading this process, and Shazi actually made it a very painless process for everyone involved.

We considered our other options: 1) Lawyers (WAY TOO EXPENSIVE), 2) Doing the paperwork ourselves (WAY TOO CONFUSING), and decided to go with 3) a mediator.

It wasn't a hard decision given her glowing reviews, and only once you actually go through the process can you truly appreciate Shazi's diligence and attention to detail to get everything in order in a smooth, prompt, and thorough manner. I can't imagine having to wade through all the various parts of this without the help of an expert like Shazi.

Shazi led us through each step with tremendous patience, explaining every detail and answering every question thoroughly. At no point did she rush the process and I felt that all of her guidance was truly neutral in terms of helping us make decisions.

I hope I won't need to use her service again, but if I do, I'd definitely work with her again.

Kia Z.,