I don't really write many yelp reviews, but I really have to say something about MAC. The last thing I wanted to think about in my emotional mess of a divorce is all the legal and practical stuff. I really did NOT want high drama divorce. I knew there had to be a more civilized way of approaching things. A friend of mine recommended MAC. I had no idea that you can just get a divorce mediated. We didn't have to go to court, we didn't hire tons of lawyers, and it didn't cost thousands of dollars. Shazi is the divorce attorney I worked with, and she's the best - so calm and really sharp. I needed someone who could think clearly and Shazi raised a lot of issues I wasn't even thinking about - but I needed to. MAC was a life saver. I tell whoever I can about mediation now...and MAC. Plus they have a yelpers discount which is kind of great, if you ask me.

Zadie F.,