Monthly Archives: January 2013

What is a Prenup?

A premarital agreement (also known as a prenuptial agreement or “prenup”) is an agreement you and your future spouse enter before marriage that becomes effective upon marriage. There are two types of premarital agreements that couples typically create. The first type of premarital agreement has a default of no community property. You and your future…
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Why Celebrities Choose Divorce Mediation

In our age of social media, celebrities have to deal with having both their personal and career lives picked apart. As most recently demonstrated by reality TV star Bethenny Frankel’s filing for divorce, celebrity divorces are fodder for the tabloids. Unfortunately, the level of negative attention received from leaked details of a celebrity’s personal life…
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How is Child Support Calculated?

In California, both parents of a minor child are responsible in financially supporting their child. Child support is the ongoing monetary expenditures and payments needed to cover a child’s living and medical expenses. So how is child support determined in California? The law provides guidelines based on each parent’s net disposable monthly income and the…
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