Working with Shazi and MAC Services Group has been an extremely positive experience.  My previous lawyer was unreliable, and lacked the knowledge needed in my case.  Shazi stepped in, and took charge of my case accomplishing all necessary steps to get back on track.  I sought her out based on her internet ratings.  I knew within a few minutes of speaking with her, she was who I wanted.  She was outstanding.  Throughout the process, I never had to reach out to her for updates.  She kept me informed at all times keeping me in the know.  I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a reliable, take-charge attorney.  She delivered everything she commited to, and exceeded my expectations.  She made me feel like my case was her priority.  I'm very happy I found her.

Massi R.,

Shazi was great -- very helpful and patient with us. She responded quickly and clearly to any questions we had, and facilitated the process very well. I appreciated knowing that I could reach out at any time to have a question answered as it can be an overwhelming experience without someone like Shazi.

Nicole P.,

I will keep this review short and sweet.

My experience with MAC Services Group was a pleasant one (considering the circumstances) and extremely professional.
My now ex-husband and I decided that we wanted to use a mediator so that we could end everything as amicably as possible.

From the moment we met with Shazi to the very last email I received from her, she has been phenomenal.
Her demeanor and energy is very calming and gentle which I believe made a big difference. She can almost pass for a couples counselor.
Shazi is extremely organized (which I loved), kept us abreast of everything that was happening with the process in a timely manner every step of the way, and her communication skills were exceptional. She also answered all of our redundant and silly questions with lightning speed.
She went above and beyond what I expected from a mediator.

If you know that you want to part ways in a civilized manner and want someone who is professional, compassionate and kind to help you with the process, give Shazi a chance. You won't be disappointment.

Veracity A.,

If you are in a position to need this service, don't hesitate to go with MAC Services Group and work with Shazi. I was absolutely dreading this process, and Shazi actually made it a very painless process for everyone involved.

We considered our other options: 1) Lawyers (WAY TOO EXPENSIVE), 2) Doing the paperwork ourselves (WAY TOO CONFUSING), and decided to go with 3) a mediator.

It wasn't a hard decision given her glowing reviews, and only once you actually go through the process can you truly appreciate Shazi's diligence and attention to detail to get everything in order in a smooth, prompt, and thorough manner. I can't imagine having to wade through all the various parts of this without the help of an expert like Shazi.

Shazi led us through each step with tremendous patience, explaining every detail and answering every question thoroughly. At no point did she rush the process and I felt that all of her guidance was truly neutral in terms of helping us make decisions.

I hope I won't need to use her service again, but if I do, I'd definitely work with her again.

Kia Z.,

Thank you for helping us to settle the case. Your patience and perseverance were instrumental in getting the case resolved. I was also pleased with your interaction with my client. You made him feel part of the process, and important. Again, thank you.

Steve S.,

Attorney Rastegar is held in high esteem by her colleagues and her clients…She always delivers excellent legal advice.

Peggy R.,

Your help, listening, and feedback were invaluable! Talking with you was deeply helpful in easing my mind, sharpening my attention on the important tasks, and helping me see a path to resolution. All invaluable stuff… Thank you.

David B.,

Shazi devised creative and cohesive solutions to resolve everyone’s problem. I would use her service even if she billed out ten times greater.

Sean P.,

I enjoyed having mediation sessions with Shazi. Shazi’s mediation style is calm and reassuring as she skillfully rose to the challenge of mediating a complex disagreement between me and the person I was in conflict with. With fairness and objectivity, Shazi helped us more clearly understand each other’s stance and where we could compromise. I would highly recommend Shazi as a mediator.

Tavonna M.,

A hard working, dedicated, and zealous advocate.

Eric T.,

Shazi has a non-judgmental and friendly personality and encourages each side to listen to the other, she also gently moved each side towards closure, which they knew they wanted even though each side had to give in a little.

Robert C. ,

They are very helpful in explaining the divorce process and will walk you through all the different options available to obtain a divorce.

Audrey G.,

I only have good things to say about Shazi. She’s warm, compassionate, considerate, and tactically smart in legal endeavors. I respect her and her work.

Sara G.,

Thoughtful, professional, and friendly – thank you!

Sun C,

Shazi was a neutral, thoughtful listener that gave everyone the appropriate amount of respect and attention they deserved…she was strong in controlling the flow of the mediation in a positive, useful and informative direction while minimizing airing unnecessarily emotional and unproductive baggage.

Sean P.,

Great attorney with insight and experience.


My first 5 star review and it belongs to Shazi. I couldn't be happier with our entire process and outcome. Now, I rarely write a serious review...for anything. But sometimes life throws you a serious matter and you have to find someone who will take it seriously for you (and tell you to stop breaking out into nervous laughter.) Finding Shazi and MAC Services was one of my luckiest finds in L.A. Her professionalism, honesty, and clear communication (not to mention hand-holding. Metaphorically, of course. Again, she's professional) was a breath of fresh air in a smog-filled city (literally and metaphorically.) Thank you again, Shazi. I have sung your praises to many!!

Josephine J.,

As crappy as our overall divorce was, the service was worth it. We reached a settlement so we didn't have to go back to court.

Jason F.,

If you need a guide through the legal side of the divorce process, step by step, this is the place for you. They value customer service and provide case updates and reminders and are always there to answer questions. Highly recommended.


I don't really write many yelp reviews, but I really have to say something about MAC. The last thing I wanted to think about in my emotional mess of a divorce is all the legal and practical stuff. I really did NOT want high drama divorce. I knew there had to be a more civilized way of approaching things. A friend of mine recommended MAC. I had no idea that you can just get a divorce mediated. We didn't have to go to court, we didn't hire tons of lawyers, and it didn't cost thousands of dollars. Shazi is the divorce attorney I worked with, and she's the best - so calm and really sharp. I needed someone who could think clearly and Shazi raised a lot of issues I wasn't even thinking about - but I needed to. MAC was a life saver. I tell whoever I can about mediation now...and MAC. Plus they have a yelpers discount which is kind of great, if you ask me.

Zadie F.,