Unfortunately, not all couples are able to take advantage of the mediation process. If there is a lack of trust, domestic violence, drug and/or substance abuse issues, risk of child abduction, or a general unwillingness to cooperate, litigation may be the only option available. When going through a litigated divorce, who you choose to represent you is critical. It’s important to meet with different attorneys and find someone who you trust, are comfortable with, and who you want to represent you in court. If it’s in your best interest, your attorney can help settle your case outside of court either by communicating with your spouse’s attorney or your spouse (if your spouse doesn’t have an attorney). Whether or not your case ends up going to court, you want to ensure your attorney understands what is important to you. Our attorneys listen to you and will develop strategies regarding the best course of action for your case. Litigation can be an extremely stressful process, and having a strong attorney in your corner will help you feel more confident and relaxed as you navigate the difficult path of divorce litigation.

Before you choose litigation, schedule a free consultation to determine whether it is really necessary in your case.

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